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The Q Guild’s Top Tips for alternative Meats

  • The Q Guild’s Top Tips for alternative Meats
  1. Be adventurous – one of our members sells a ‘Chuckling’ at Christmas, which is a boneless duck stuffed with chicken breast and sausage meat.

  2. Try a regional delicacy – steak pies for example are a popular alternative to usual Christmas meats in Scotland. Your butcher will be able to advise.

  3. Game is a nice change for Christmas – pheasants are an excellent choice for smaller families. A brace (pair) of pheasants serves 4-5 people.

  4. An economical alternative to turkey is shoulder of pork. This is still full of flavour and can serve a big family at Christmas, but is much cheaper.

  5. For good crackling, ask your butcher to score the rind; stand meat on trivet in roasting tin, rind uppermost. Brush with oil and sprinkle with salt, and do not cover.

  6. Q Guild butchers are renowned for the quality of their pork sausagemeat. These can make a great base to produce a more exotic stuffing by adding your own ingredients.

  7. Goose was traditionally the preferred Christmas meat before turkey became popular. Geese are big-boned so you will need to allow 750g per person; however, younger birds are smaller and more tender, so it would be better to buy two small geese instead of one large one.

  8. A great alternative to turkey is Beef Wellington. Choose topside, sirloin or rib, and wrap the meat in pancakes before adding the pastry – this ensures that the flavours don’t escape and the pastry doesn’t become soggy.

  9. Another more unusual option is a large cockerel – these are specially reared for Christmas and only available from specialist butchers.

  10. If you are only catering for a few people at Christmas, don’t be afraid to ask your butcher for a small joint of beef of turkey; they will be more than happy to cut joints to suit your size and budget

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