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Come and visit our spanking new Shop!
31 years ago
It has been a long 31 years ago since our last refit.

Technology beckoned - so we took the opportunity, to update the whole Shop to reflect what our valued customers expect from a Premium Quality Master Butcher.
Obsessive about quality
Master Butchers are not only obsessive about the quality of the produce they purvey - but also the look and style of their Shops.
Heritage, Craftsmanship and Provenance
Heritage, craftsmanship and provenance feature highly on a Master Butchers priorities - so we took our inspiration for our Shopís refit back to the date and era we were established by our founder Frank Godfrey, in 1905, five generations of Godfreys ago.
No change there then!
Back in Edwardian times Butchers tended to be big, florid and with a big leather belt around their waist - distinguishing them from any other shopkeepers - no change there then!
There was no refrigeration
In those days there was no refrigeration, as we know it today.

Sides of Beef would be hung in the shop - or kept in ice safes - stocked up by the local iceman.
Kept immaculately clean
Butchers shops were decorated with pristine tiles and sawdust on the floors - which was swept away every day and replaced with new sawdust for the next day.
At the end of each day Chopping boards were scrubbed down with wire brushes and washed - as were the choppers and knives.
What was on display
Sausages were made in the Shop in front of the customers using crank-handled red machinery - and then hung on hooks for display in the window.

Bones would be on sale for customers to use to flavour their soups - or as a special treat for a lucky dog!
Fat cut fresh from the carcass would also be on display. Fat would be rendered down for dripping. This was a popular meal on its own, spread thickly on a slice of toast.

Beef Suet would be cut from the side of Beef and minced, ready to be made into pastry for a steamed meat pudding or pie filled with delicious diced Leg of Beef.

Beef dominated the meat selection.

The 1940s

By the 1940s the first refrigerated window displays were beginning to appear, and therefore Butchers started to sell refrigerated meat for the first time.

What a butchers shop looked like

You can get an idea what an Edwardian butcher shop looked like by visiting the beautifully preserved W Plumb Family Butchers shop in Hornsey Road, London.

Now a Museum, it is open at weekends only, and for only small numbers at a time by its current owner.

For those who canít get there, do go on to the Internet and search for W Plumb Family Butchers, press images, for of a delightful journey into how much style and care went into making a Premium Quality Edwardian Butchers Shop.

How Meat is now reared, sourced and sold

New standards of hygiene, provenance requirements, supermarkets, and a vastly changing farmers scene, have all served to have an impact on how Meat is now reared, sourced and sold.

Impeccable Provenance

Here at Godfreys we are determined to uphold the Master Butchers standards of impeccable provenance, with a nod to our five generations of experience; Premium Quality Master craftsmanship; our 105 year old Heritage - whilst embracing all that the new technologies offer and make available to us

Leaving a legacy

The modernized shop is not as ornate as Plumbs Butchers, but it does take its inspiration from Plumbs and other Edwardian butchers, and bring it hopefully not just into the requirements of todays world, but also for the next generation of Godfreys - and perhaps beyond - plus leaving a legacy for the residents and customers in the area

Restore and preserve

The new shop restores and preserve the original gilded, glazed and much-loved Godfreys sign that has been there for generations
Go back to the original
The refurbished Shop front goes back to the original carved and moulded wooden frames, painted in our original Dark Green gloss. There is a striking hand crafted brass name plate running the length of the window - similar in style to those you see in Jermyn Street or Fortnum & Masons
Allow for more space
The existing door has been brought forward to allow more customer space inside as well as more display space for the meats
Hand crafted
Inside the walls will feature hand crafted Edwardian dark green and cream tiles with hand finished rolled cornices. The floor complements the interior with a classic Edwardian geometric tile design
The wall tiles have a translucence, intensity and depth unmatched by any other manufacturer in the world

Exquisite Verde Marinace surfaces

On the counters we have used the unique and exquisite Verde Marinace granite -polished - with rolled edges sculpted to perfection.

Verde Marinace is formed in Brazilian riverbeds from countless multi coloured pebbles petrified over millions of years - to give this sumptuous colour combination that echoes the Edwardian tiles beautifully

Edwardian tile framed sepia prints

On the back wall there are Edwardian tile framed sepia prints showing some of our original shops where we proudly point out our great grandfathers

Solid wood beamed ceiling

The ceiling is now crafted from solid wood with beams that give a warm homely feeling

Brass butchers rails

Brass butchers rails run around the Shop, hung with hooks and chains for traditional butchers displays

Care and attention Premium Quality meat deserves

And the bespoke refrigeration cabinets offer an even larger display space with state of the art engineering and lighting to give our Premium Quality meats the care and attention Free Range Premium Quality meats deserve

See the Meats maturing

Inside the Shop you can see a new feature, a state of the art Coldroom Cabinet - for the traditional dry aging of our meats.

This allows our customers to actually see the Meats maturing - and how they change just as they do in our other three large walk-in, state of the art dry aging Maturation Rooms

Warm, welcoming and cosy

Finally the tired old polystyrene ceiling, which we always hated, is now replaced by authentic timber boarding, using floor board joists and wooden beams to help us retain that warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere, and period appearance

Preserving the classic and traditional friendly appearance

We have hopefully preserved the classic and traditional friendly appearance and atmosphere of the old shop, but can now offer a considerably greater stock of Cuts in the enlarged refrigerated display units, and more space for customers visiting our Shop

What We Do - in the Shop

Finding true Premium Quality Meat can be a daunting task.

Complete range of Meats

Here at Godfreys we daily offer a complete range of meats and poultry that covers most of our personal customers requirements and which has earned us the title of Best Butchers Shop in Britain

Impeccable provenance

Our Free Range additive-free produce is traditionally reared from only the pick of slow maturing breeds.

Reared on farms that only practice the highest levels of animal husbandry - in stress free natural environments - and fed only on natural diets.

Only that level of care produces the exceptional textures and tastes that only such an impeccable provenance can provide.

A pleasurable experience

We prepare most of our produce by hand in the shop, and can cut to your requirements - or offer advice on cuts or cooking for particular dishes.

These days we can forget that shopping for your Meat should be a pleasurable experience, and sometimes even an exciting adventure or voyage of discovery.

Match the changing seasons

In our very friendly Shop we hope we offer you that experience with an ever varied menu that match the changing seasons.

A service that has attracted a very loyal clientele which has amongst its number many prestigious food journalists and writers, Chefs and TV personalities - many of whom visit us on a daily basis.

So if you wish to rediscover the pleasure of the traditional taste of Premium Quality Meat and Poultry - and at the same time have an enjoyable experience in buying it - why not come along one day and see what its like?

So do visit our Shop

We do like showing off our newly refitted Shop with its spanking new refrigerated cabinets and gorgeous meat displays which now do justice to what a Premium Quality Master Butchers Shop should look like in todays world

We have been absolutely amazed at the fantastic reception given by customers entering into the shop for the first time since the refit

People just seem to love the Shops appearance, friendly ambiance and astonishing range of Premium Quality Meats on display - beautifully presented - and certainly good enough to eat!

If you havenít visited the newly refitted Shop you are more than welcome - even if you donít buy anything - but we hope you really do like it - and come back again and again!

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About Us

Welcome to Godfreys

Our Company was founded by our Great Grandfather Frank Godfrey in 1905, who brought with him his already famous Lincolnshire Sausage recipe which is still celebrated and handmade on our premises today.

The pursuit of excellence

Frank originated the pursuit of excellence which still drives us today. Following that quest, Frank acquired the rights to graze his own livestock in nearby Clissold Park and would often be seen herding the animals down the High Street to our premises in Stoke Newington High Street.

His own standards of Premium Quality

Every week Frank would buy his own carefully selected livestock from Market Road to maintain his own standards of Premium Quality - and as a special treat at Christmas would always buy the Markets prize-winning beast for his customers.

Rich heritage of knowledge

Butchery skills already ran in the family for many generations previously. That long rich heritage of knowledge, experience and expertise has been passed down through generations of the Godfrey family.

The most demanding Chefs in Europe

By sourcing only Premium Quality, Free Range, additive-free, slowly matured Beef, Poultry, Lamb, Pork and making our own Award-winning Sausages, we continue to provide those traditional qualities to some of the most demanding Chefs in Europe.

Those principles have been followed through successive generations via our father Peter, and then to us - the three directly descended brothers, Jeremy, Christopher and Phillip.

What We Do

Each of us have different areas of specialisation and it will often be one of us who has sourced, cut and prepared the meats that come to your table.

Jeremy and Phillip are based in our State of the Art premises in Finsbury Park, whilst Christopher runs our Shop in Highbury Barn, London.

State of the Art Maturation rooms

For slow ageing of meat we have our own State of the Art Maturation rooms in the same premises where we prepare cuts and hand make our own Award winning Sausages.

Perfectly prepared and presented

This allows complete control of the animals once they have left their farms - from ageing each one for the correct number of days- to ensuring each cut is perfectly prepared and presented.

We pride ourselves on being extremely ďhands-onĒ in the business, to ensure only the best is delivered to your door.

The very best Premium Quality Meat and Poultry

We source all of our meat directly from carefully selected farms where only the highest standards of animal welfare are rigorously practised.

This ensures the healthiest, natural, stress-free rearing environments that are imperative to provide the very best Premium Quality Meat and Poultry

Only the best breeds

Wherever possible we regularly visit 98% of the farms that provide our Meat and Poultry. We choose only the best breeds, slow-reared with consideration, entirely free of additives, and fed only on a natural diet.

Stunning tastes and textures

From field to fork we are passionate about the provenance, rearing facilities, preparation and cut of each animal we provide - and its only through such sensitive care do you get animals that produce some of the most stunning tastes and textures that almost belong to a bygone age.

An uncompromising commitment to excellence

As one of the founding Members of the prestigious Q Guild of Butchers we are proud to support only the highest standards of animal care and uphold an uncompromising commitment to excellence to deliver only the pinnacle of naturally reared meat that delivers the most delicious and healthy taste experience for you, your family, friends and guests.

Much helpful information

As you look through the various pages we have tried to include as much helpful information in the form of words, pictures and videos as we can. Feel free to to ask if you want further information or video demonstrations.

Please, satisfy, surprise and astonish you.

However most of all we hope you will simply enjoy taste experiences that will please, satisfy, surprise and even sometimes just astonish you.

Tastes and textures that only Premium Quality meat- traditionally slow reared, matured for the right time, and cut to perfection- can produce.

Our Best Regards

Jeremy, Christopher and Phillip

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