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BBQ Tips

  • BBQ Tips
  • BBQ Tips
  • BBQ Tips
  • BBQ Tips
  • BBQ Tips
Safe Grilling
Some easy quick tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable BBQ.

* For coal BBQ’s, light well before you want to eat, they can take up to an hour to go white before they are ready for cooking on.

* Remember to wash your hands and all utensils, also have a bowl of warm soapy water next to your BBQ to wash utensils in between cooking.

* Keep raw and cooked meat separate, using separate utensils and plates. Do not put cooked
products back on plates previously used for raw.

* If you are marinating meat you have to take extra care to avoid food poisoning.

- Keep marinating meat in the fridge until you are ready to use it. Discard the marinade when you have put the meat on the barbecue, using a freshly made marinade to baste your meat while it cooks.

Steaks & Chops

* For whole muscle meat products like fillets, steaks and chops, take care when grilling as they can cook quite quickly and sometimes burn what should be a lovely steak.

* Ensure the grill is pre-heated, coals are white or gas is on medium to high.
Place steaks on a pre-oiled griddle (or put some sesame oil on the steaks if they are not already marinated), grill for a few minutes either side turning only once.

Depending how thick they are, suggested timings per side are:
- rare (2-3mins)
- medium (4-5mins);
- well done (6-7 mins)


* Cook burgers until they are piping hot, no pink areas in the centre and juices run clear.

* Make use of a digital thermometer to take out the guesswork, meat products should reach an internal temperature of between 75°C – 80°C.

For BBQ’s with lids, larger joints can also be cooked

* Pre-marinated spatchcocked joints or whole chickens are great for a larger party or an outdoor Sunday roast, ask your Q butcher to prepare one for you– or see the link at the bottom for instructions on how to have a go yourself.

* Usually taking about 40+mins to cook, depending how big the chicken or joint is, check halfway through cooking to ensure an even doneness.

Another fun Sunday roast, if your BBQ is large enough

* Beer BBQ’d Chicken, where the chicken is basted with garlic butter and spices, placed upright onto a can of beer or cider and cooked for 2-3 hours – dependent on size of chicken or until internal temperature reaches 80°C

Want to enjoy a subtle smoky flavour?

* Try cooking your meat on an untreated wooden plank, ideally cedar, alder, hickory or maple, usually available from speciality shops.

*Follow the precooking instructions to get the best cooking experience and these will not only look great, but mean less handling, as food doesn’t need turning.

* They can only be used a few times, but can be used as smoking chips when finished with.

And last of all enjoy, and take it slowly, it will be worth the wait.
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