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Butchers say they’re faring well after years of decline

  • Butchers say they’re faring well after years of decline
In light of campaigns including Veganuary and with talk of a reduced-meat planetary health diet, West Yorkshire Post explores how butcher’s shops are faring.

“Those butchers, particularly the Q Guild, that share knowledge and experience, I think there’s a very good future for them. We are proactive and move with the times and introduce new things that are required.” comments Q Guild Chairman David Lishman

Comments a young butcher from Osset who has just opened up his own butchers -
“People are wanting to get behind local businesses and they want to know where their meat has come from. They want advice from people selling it. They want that personal touch... They want a nice product.

“They want quality and they will come out and source it. As long as you are selling quality products, you will get people through the door.”

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