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One of Scotland`s oldest butchery businesses, Royan of Elgin

  • One of Scotland`s oldest butchery businesses, Royan of Elgin

One of Scotland`s oldest butchery businesses, Royan of Elgin, has been awarded membership of the Butchers Q Guild, a seal of excellence marking Britain`s best butchers.

Royan of Elgin was originally set up in 1850 and when the descendants of the founders retired in 2016, the town centre shop was bought by butchers, Davidsons Specialist Butchers. Davidsons Specialist Butchers was established in 2004 and is a multi-award winning business specialising in the provision of a wide range of high quality, premium specialist butchery produce both in-store and by mail order. Since that time it has won a succession of the highest industry awards, including twice winning the title for Scottish Butcher`s Shop of the Year, alongside the coveted UK Butcher`s Shop of the Year.

From just one shop employing three people in 2004, the business now employs more than thirty people across its three branches. In addition to Royan of Elgin, Davidsons Specialist Butchers` other two branches (in Aberdeen and Inverurie) are both existing members of the Q Guild of Butchers.

Owner of Royan of Elgin, John Davidson, said: `I`m delighted to have Royan of Elgin recognised by the Q Guild alongside our Aberdeen and Inverurie outlets. As a business, our focus has always been on producing top quality meat and selling it using outstanding customer service. The public has long appreciated our expertise and we`ve seen the business grow significantly in the last 13 years. To have Royan of Elgin recognised among the most elite butchers in the UK is a great accolade for all our staff.`

Q Guild Chairman Mark Turnbull said: `We`re delighted to welcome a butcher with such a long and proud history like Royan of Elgin to the Q Guild. It`s a particular achievement to have all three branches of the business welcomed into the Guild. Royan of Elgin, like our other members, is an inspiration in terms of knowledge, skills and above all, quality and is a valuable part of the country`s food and retail landscape. I look forward to their participation in regional meetings, social and product evaluation events.`

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