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Autumn One Pots

  • Autumn One Pots
  • Autumn One Pots
Casserole Masterclass

Casserole slow cooking is a great way to have wholesome meals ready and waiting for when you get home.

Best cuts to use:
- Chicken/Turkey/Game Birds; legs, wings or thighs
- Beef; brisket, shanks, stewing or braising cuts
- Lamb; skirt, neck or shank
- Pork; shoulder, hock or belly

Tops Tips from our Butchers

~ Cut the meat evenly so they cook at the same rate.
~ Dust your meat with seasoned flour before ‘browning’ in a frying pan as this will thicken the meat juices.
~ Don’t add too much meat in the pan as smaller batches give a better caramelised, browned surface.
~ Place all the browned meat and veg into an ovenproof pan.
~ Add some liquid of your choice enough to cover the meat and vegetables, for additional flavour use cider, ale or wine as well as stock.
~ Bring to the boil, then lower the heat and cover with a tight- fitting lid.
~ Simmer gently on the hob or place in a low oven or slow cooker for the rest of the cooking time.
~ You can also save time in the morning by ‘browning’ the meat the night before, quickly cool the meat and transfer to a rigid plastic container. Don’t forget to retain the meat juices.
~ Casserole leftovers taste great, as the meat has more time to marinate. Store in the freezer, defrost overnight before reheating.

You’ll now have a delicious meal with the minimum of effort.

www: Download the Casserole Masterclass & Recipe leaflet