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  • BBQ Ideas
  • BBQ Ideas
  • BBQ Ideas
As we`re hoping for a glorious Summer here are some hints and tips for to get the most out of Al Fresco dining.

BBQ`d Spatchcock Chicken

To prepare a spatchcock chicken first remove the backbone and then flatten out.

Place it into a pre greased foil tray or tin, or if placing directly onto the grill to enable easy
turning use skewers, place one on each side, from the leg across to the breast.

Coat the chicken with your favourite marinade for example, lemon, garlic & sage.

Crush together 3 cloves of garlic, black pepper & 6 roughly chopped fresh sage leaves, add this
to the juice of 1 lemon and 30ml olive oil.

Leave to marinade in a fridge for at least 2 hours.

Cook in the tray or tin or place directly onto the grill until the chicken is cooked and tender with juices running clear.

Top tip do not place the whole chicken directly over the coals, place on an area with no colas or on a shelf and keep the lid on, this helps the whole chicken to cook and not just the outside. It may take a little longer but it is worth the wait.

Alternatively it can be cooked in a preheated oven 180°C, for 20 mins per 500gms and just finished off on the BBQ to crisp up the outside.

Make your own flavoured burgers

Use whichever mince you prefer, beef, lamb or pork, or mixing lamb and beef creates a great meaty flavour.

Divide in to 200 or 250g pieces, and add a couple of tablespoons of your favourite ingredients, for example
- Horseradish
- Mustard
- Black Pepper
- Chutney
- Diced veg - make sure the pieces are really small
- Cheese

Mix well and create a pattie to your preferred thickness.
Chill in the fridge to help firm up the shape.

When placing on the BBQ, keep it away from direct coals and keep the lid on for a while so it has a chance to cook all the way through without burning the outer edges.

Try to turn only once, and when the juices run clear it`s ready to eat.

Enjoy your Summer.

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