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Ian Mackway leaves RAPS

After 28 years and much soul searching Ian Mackway has decided that the time is now right for him to leave RAPS (UK) Ltd and start the next chapter in his life.   Ian`s journey with RAPS began in 1988 when he responded to an advertisement for a new business opportunity in the UK.  

RAPS Gmbh & Co KG a successful European company at that time, had no presence in the UK, and was looking for a General Manager to establish a subsidiary in the UK Market. Over the next 28 years, apart from a short period when he was Western Europe Sales Director for RAPS, Ian has worked tirelessly to establish the RAPS brand, resulting in the UK business we have today.   

Ian worked hard to integrate RAPS UK into the fabric of the Meat industry, working very closely with the Meat and Livestock Commission in the early 1980`s introducing continental added value concepts to the UK market.  

In 1997, he became the first ingredient supplier to become a Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Butchers, a lifelong personal commitment, serving on the Court for three years from 2001 to 2014 working on the Charity and Fine Arts committees.  He was also  Chairman of the BDCI (Butchers and  Drovers Charitable Institute) in 2003. Because of Ian`s efforts, RAPS UK became and remains a respected supplier into the Meat Industry.      

Ian left  RAPS (UK) Ltd on the 31st March 2017, everyone in the RAPS family thanks Ian and wishes him all the best for the future as he prepares to pursue his other interests.   Sunit Mehta, Commercial Director, RAPS (UK) Ltd. will assume Ian`s duties.      

Ton van de Vijfeijken
RAPS Director Western Europe


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