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New Close Farm Shop gains elite membership

  • New Close Farm Shop gains elite membership

New Close Farm Shop in Granby Road, Bakewell, hails from a business that has been run over four generations by the Armstrong family of farmers and butchers. While third generation farmer and master butcher, James Armstrong and his wife Gill, have recently handed over the day-to-day running of the business to the fourth generation - their sons, Tom & Ed - they will still be involved in decision-making and direction.

Their mixed livestock farm near Over Haddon in the Peak District National Park specialises in native breeds, with all cattle, sheep and pigs raised on the farm processed for sale in the shop, providing a range of award-winning speciality products.

`We are fiercely proud of our reputation. If meat isn`t from our family farm, it`s sourced locally and its provenance made clear to customers. Our ethos is simple - if we produce it ourselves, we know it`s done properly,` said Mr Armstrong.

Meat contracting, catering supply, farmers markets and outside catering now part of the marketing mix. As well as their shop in Bakewell town centre, a new factory and bake-house have been built on the farm, a separate company formed for the fast-growing outside catering operation, together with an e-commerce website built to facilitate the supply of the farm`s products both locally and nationally throughout the UK.

Picture- Tom and Ed, sons of the owners James and Gill Armstrong. 

General Manager of the Q Guild Gordon Newlands stated- What a business this is and I am delighted that they have met and surpassed the stringent quality mark of our standard. Super family with farming and agriculture in their blood. The Q Guild is delighted to welcome them into membership and warmly welcome them to our meetings where information and ideas can be exchanged. Welcome aboard. 


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