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Women in Meat Industry Awards 2020 open for nominations

  • Women in Meat Industry Awards 2020 open for nominations
  • Women in Meat Industry Awards 2020 open for nominations
Nominations now open for candidates into the annual Women in Meat Industry Awards.

Designed to recognise the vitally important contributions that women make to the meat sector, the Women In Meat Industry Awards is a unique initiative driven by nominations and votes. In addition, an expert judging panel will then select an overall Meat Businesswoman of the Year recipient which is presented to one of the ‘other’ category winners.


• Meat Business Woman Award: Foodservice
• Meat Business Woman Award: Retailing
• Meat Business Woman Award: Manufacturing / Processing
• Meat Business Woman Award: Craft Butchery
• Meat Business Woman Award: Trade Body
• Meat Business Woman Award: Wholesaling
• Meat Business Woman Award: Industry Supplier
• Meat Business Woman Award: Training & Education
• The Rising Star Award
• Meat Business Woman of the Year Award

Speaking at last year’s awards dinner and presentation ceremony, the winner of the Meat Business Woman of the Year Lucianne Allen of Q Guild Member Aubrey Allen said: “I really had no idea that I would be in the running for something like this. It was a tough line up and there are some great people out there.

“I’m utterly thrilled and somewhat overwhelmed. The more female talent we can bring into the industry the better and if this spurs more people to come into our industry so much the better.”

Commenting on this year and the new nomination process, Meat Management publisher, Graham Yandell said: “Given the impact of the pandemic it seems even more poignant to recognise the wide ranging and important contribution made by women to the success of the UK meat industry. This is what our awards are all about.”

The dedicated website is now open for nominations which are then followed with voting for the finalists.

Yandell added: “It’s full steam ahead with finding our finalists and winners. However, we also appreciate the current situation with Covid-19 may have left some sponsors, partners and businesses uncertain as to whether the Women in Meat Industry Awards Ceremony will take place this autumn as scheduled.

“I can say that plans are already well progressed, but of course right now we are simply unable to answer that question with total certainty. However, the organising team continues to plan towards and is looking forward to staging another successful event, and naturally we will continue to monitor Government guidelines and advice, and adapt accordingly.”

The voting response from previous years has been phenomenal, with almost 7,000 votes cast in 2019 and given the impact of the virus on every sector of the meat industry, organisers hope that nominations and votes will be maintained at that level. Key workers and management teams have all played a tremendous part in keeping the nation and their businesses running.

Yandell concluded: “If you have a colleague, manager, chief executive, butcher or anyone you’d like to see acknowledged for their contribution then nominate them via the Women in Meat Awardswebsite


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