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Cheesy Topped Steaks

A popular sandwich combination on a steak. Tangy pickle and melting cheese on a sirloin, rump or rib eye steak is a family favourite, quick supper.

  • 4
  • 16 mins


  • 4 lean sirloin, rump or rib-eye steaks
  • 75g/3oz Stilton, crumbled or Cheddar cheese, grated
  • 25g/1oz fresh breadcrumbs
  • Salt and freshly milled black pepper
  • 20ml/4tsp sandwich pickle


Based on a 2cm/¾inch thick steak

Rare: 2½ minutes on each side

Medium: 4 minutes on each side

Well: 6 minutes on each side

Place the steaks on a chopping board and season on both sides. Cook under a moderate grill according to your preference.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl mix the cheese and breadcrumbs together.

2 minutes before the end of the cooking time remove the steaks and spread the pickle over one side of each steak

Sprinkle over the cheese mixture, return to the grill and continue to cook until the cheese is bubbling and golden brown.

Serve with chunky chips and a salad garnish.

Images courtesy of AHDB.

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