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Know Your Cuts - Beef

Q Guild butchers sell some of the best grass fed sustainable beef in the UK so get the best out of it by following some of these

Grilling or BBQ`ing Cuts

  • Rib-eye
  • Sirloin
  • Rump
  • Fillet
  • Flat Iron steaks
  • Thin cut or strips

Cooking Tips

For a succulent steak don`t overcook or prod during grilling.

Grill for no longer than a few minutes each side, depending how thick and always allow to stand after cooking to keep those lovely juices inside and not in the pan!


  • Mince
  • Strips which can be from fillet ends or a sirloin
  • Cubes

Cooking Tips

Use either pre-cut strips, or if using steaks cut them thinly across the grain into 1cm strips, this prevents shrinkage and helps to tenderise. Have all the vegetables prepared prior to cooking the meat. Allow about twice amount of veg to meat. Heat 5ml of oil, add meat first and fry for about 4 mins or until just cooked through, then add veg and sauce and stif fry for another 2 mins. This ensures veg are still crispy and meat is not overcooked.


  • Joints from the
  • Fore rib
  • Top rump
  • Blade
  • Topside/Silverside
  • Fillet

Cooking Tips

To calculate cooking time allow 20-25mins per 500g weight and then add an extra 25mins

When joint is cooked allow to stand out of the oven for at least 10 - 20 mins to ensure a more succulent roast.

- Whole sirloin or fillets can be roasted, but keep to approx. 1hr in total, as they can dry out. A good tip is to wrap in foil when out of the oven to keep it warm, tender and moist. It will also keep cooking without drying it out.

Slow Cooking

  • Shin
  • Leg
  • Topside/Silverside
  • Brisket
  • Skirt
  • Neck/Cheek
  • Cubes from the collar, shoulder or leg

Cooking tips

Slow cooking provides a great way to tenderise a joint and can be done in the oven or on the hob along with some root vegetables. Also a good way to use up all those veg in the bottom of the fridge.

Use about a pint of vegetable stock or any liquid of your choice including red wine or brown beer to add extra flavour. Just ensure the meat and veg are coated in liquid to start with and the ovenproof dish is covered with a lid or foil. Then allow to simmer for about 3hrs, or more if its on a real low heat or on the hob. Just check the liquid levels to ensure it doesn`t dry out.

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